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Wednesday, June 08, 2005

In hot water now!

HEELLLLOOOOOO America!! Boy have I missed you! Sorry it’s been so long since I last wrote, but I was only just recently let out of my Kazakh prison in time for summer. Speaking of summer, it is bloody hot here! Kazakhstan basically only has 2 seasons; summer and winter. Spring and fall last about 2 weeks. So after my long and cold Siberian winter I’m ready for a very hot summer. But unlike last summer I am now the proud owner of a fan! Yeah, I know you’re all jealous seeing that you only have air-conditioners. Speaking of air-conditioners, if anyone is insane enough (I personally know at least a few of you are!!) how ‘bout sending me a nice air-conditioner?? I mean, think how much you could help the Kazakh people! It wouldn’t be for my benefit, really!!
Along with this sweltering heat we are also blessed with insects up the wazoo!! As soon as I step out of my apartment I am attacked by thousands of flies and mosquitoes. They are beyond maddening. If people could see us here not knowing we are being bombarded by millions of bugs they’d think the whole of Kazakhstan is mad (when in fact only most of it is!) We have to constantly wave our hands to try and keep the killer bugs at bay. Last week while fighting for dear life, I accidentally smacked myself in the face and sent my sun glasses flying across the bus which then hit some ol’ poor lady! Now I know why they call us rude Americans! How the hell do I explain that one in Russian!?! Anyway, the last I counted I had 38 mosquito bites, and I know I acquired a few more last night.
News flash!! The entire city of Uralsk has been without hot water now for about a month and will likely not have hot water for the rest of the summer. "Why??" Well, it's quite simple and logical; someone ran off with the money that was supposed to be used to pay the bill. Come on though, doesn't this happen everywhere??!!
I thought I would be done teaching for the summer in May. No such luck, till the end of June. I certainly wouldn’t mind another week of teaching except for the heat; lack of air-conditioned buildings, bugs and of course the fact that I’m lazy. But other than that, I really don’t mind at all. I also started teaching at another language institute. When I was told that the class I would be teaching consisted of 8th graders I almost started packing my bags. But, to my surprise, they’re an absolute joy! I honestly look forward to our meetings.
The university however, seems to be even more insane than ever. Schedules. How difficult can it be?!? Not only does it change every bloody week and sometimes by the day, but they also schedule two classes in one classroom and I’ve often been scheduled to teach two classes in different classrooms at the same time. Should I tell them that this is humanly impossible? And at least 3 times a week I don’t even have a classroom!
To escape the insanity I was planning a trip to Moscow in August. Escape is not possible. I was denied a visa to Russia. Why? Because I’m a Peace Corps volunteer. “Oh well, why didn’t you say so!? It makes perfect sense to me!!” Honest! This time I’m not lying! When I applied for the visa (all 3 times!) I was told that Russia does not allow Peace Corps volunteers in their country! Uhhhggg! I mean, I’m about 20 miles from them but I’m not allowed to cross the boarder. So much for my big escape!!
Well, I pray everyone is doing well. Thank you so much for all the emails, calls, care packages and prayers!! I look forward to the day when I can repay your kindness!!
I love you and miss you all!!